Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For those who are struggling today.  For those who don't know how you will find the strength to get through another day.  Day after day God gave the wandering Israelites provision one day at a time.  And for you he will do the same.

"The Lord will not give you 40 years of grace.  But he will give you enough grace for the day - for 40 years."

Praying you can trust him with each step today and that you will see God's provision for you in this day!


Friday, July 18, 2014

I was reading along in 1 Chronicles this past week.  Reading - name...after name...after unpronounceable name.  And, then, a story of David, in which he took a census of the people of Israel.  Apparently, this was a direct violation of God's instructions.  Joab, an advisor of David, warned against it.  Do you really want to do this, King?  But David did not head the warning.  David knew he was disobeying God, but he continued with his plans.  As a result of David's willful disobedience, seventy thousand Israelites died, And, that wasn't all.  God then sent an angel to destroy Jerusalem.  "But just as the angel was preparing to destroy it, the Lord relented and said to the death angel, 'Stop!  That is enough!'  (1 Chronicles 21:15).

 As my eyes read on in this story, I can just imagine that they were getting bigger and bigger.  I was so struck by this story.  First, because it shows the seriousness of God, the life-or-death need for us to obey Him.  It displays the consequences of our sin on other people.  Our sin is a big deal to God.  What an understatement!

But, then, God's mercy comes bursting through.  He was so offended by the census that he was going to destroy Jerusalem!  And then His GRACE comes as swift as His anger had. 

May God sweep into your life this weekend with His mighty and swift grace!



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pardon & Power

I really struggle with the concept of grace.  I know that it is only by God's grace that I no longer have to be separated from him.  He's the one extending the grace, and nothing I do or don't do can change how he loves me or whether or not I'm "good enough".  The fact is, I'm not good enough!  No way, no how!

Yet often I still find myself working, striving, and comparing.  Did I do enough today?  The answer is always: no!  Thankfully for me (and the rest of the world!) there's God's grace.  His pardon.

I appreciate so much this reminder from John Piper that as a daughter of Christ, even though I do sin and will sin until my very last breath, I have hope to overcome sin.  That I don't have to be a slave to it forever, but if I submit my will to the Lord, he gives me the power to overcome it!  Grace is both pardon and power.

I no longer have to strive in my own strength to be better or do more, because in my strength I will fail each time.  But in Christ's power I can have victory & freedom!

Go, today, and be free in the power of Christ!


Monday, July 14, 2014

God's Grace Is Sufficient for Mom's

I'm not a mom, but hope to some day be.  I know that even now I have many fears about what it will take to be a good mom and how to manage life once those sweet babies are here.  I have lots of young mom and mom-to-be friends and so today I want to share with you a one week radio broadcast I listened to last week on Revive Our Hearts.

Erin Davis wrote a book called "Beyond Bath Time" and she spoke on it with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  The whole series was so helpful to me! She speaks on why motherhood matters, what it means in our culture today, how motherhood is a ministry in itself, God's grace and provision for weary moms, and the vital importance of community.  Even if you're not a mom, this series helps you gain insight on how you can prepare your heart for motherhood, as well as how to be hope & support for young moms around you.

Today I'm linking you to God's Grace Is Sufficient for Mom's.  It's in the middle of the whole series, so I definately encourage you to listen to the whole thing. Turn it on and listen to it at work or as you're working around the house.  But if you just can't manage all five days, this is the one to hit for you weary moms out there!


Friday, July 11, 2014

High Five for Friday

How was Independence Day a week ago?? It doesn’t seem possible!  Time just speeds right on by.  This Friday we have another High Five for Friday! Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth.
  1. Last week Josh and I went up north for three days with my in-laws.  We had such a nice and relaxing time.  My favorite day of vacation was Cedar Point.  I’d never been before, but it was a great experience.  First of all, we got a great deal, which always makes anything better!  The weather was perfect, the lines were short, and the exhilaration from the rides was an exciting change of pace.  All day this week we kept saying, “Can you believe one week ago today we were….” 

  2. After almost a week off of work, I was expecting this week to draaaag. Thankfully it didn’t!
  3. love celebrating the 4th of July.  It’s a special day simply because of its origin, but it’s a fun day to be with family and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with good food.  It seems as much as we try to get outside during the summer, our calendars get so filled that we don’t get the time to enjoy the nice weather as often as we like. Also this 4th we got to join (most!) of our two families. It was so nice to have everyone together in one setting! 
  4. I spoke with one of our pastors from church about teaching Financial Peace University at our church this fall.  I need to make a few phone calls, but it looks like it might be a possibility.  Super excited about it!! 
  5. I’m happy for my husband, as after today his summer vacation can officially start!  Immediately after his school year was over, he tutored twice a week, we were on vacation, and this week he’s taught at a camp he teaches at each year.  For the most part he’s enjoyed the jobs he’s done, but he’s mostly picked up these extra jobs to bring in some extra cash.  He’s been hard working and I’m excited for him to have another month to relax!
How about you?  Anything great that happened this week or something you’re looking forward to this weekend?  Would love to hear!

Also, don’t forget to share our page (Facebook or the blog!) with your friends!  We’d love to encourage more ladies!

Happy Friday, ya’ll!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just in case you need this reminder today!  Loved this quote.  I hope you can let go for long enough to trust our Jesus to get you to the next rung.  ~ Amanda